HG Jewelery

White Glowfish (glow in the dark)

Dhs. 2,700.00

White enamel fish necklace made with 18K yellow gold. This fish glows a neon green light when it's put in the dark! Thanks to the brilliant white phosphorescent enamel which the fish is made of. This is the only glowfish in our glowfiah which can glow in the dark. 

Weight: (4.5) grams.

 Important (read carefully):

The glow in the dark is phosphorescent that means that it will not glow all the time. But, that's not a problem. All you need to do is to put it near a light source like light from the Sun or any other light source like a your phone's flash light. The longer you keep it near a light source and the closer, the longer the glow will stay and the brigher it will shine in the dark.

Whenever the light fades, we recommend putting the fish under your phone's flashlight for 30 seconds so it glows. Though as long you wear it in a area with good lighting then the glow will not fade. But, of course it will only show in the dark or in an area with low lighting. 

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